Team Talk HS EU – Naxxramas Cards Discussion (Military Quarter)

Military Quarter

Card Ranking

1 - This card just simply is not worth anything and you don't see it ever being played in any deck.
2 - This card is extremely bad but it can have some kind of synergy with other cards that someone could include it in a »fun« deck.
3 - This card is somehow bad because of its underperforming stats. Some players might include it in a deck occasionally.
4 - This card is just not that good. Sometimes you see it in specially build deck where somehow it finds its place.
5 - This card is good and it has its presence in decks.
6 - This card is more than good and it is present in majority of decks of same type (aggro, midrange, control, …).
7 - This card is extremely good and it is present in majority of decks of all types.
8 - This card is so good that it has minor impact on meta.
9 - This card is so good that it has bigger impact on meta.
10 - This card is just….



MLASIC: I tested this card quite a lot in ZOO with mixed success. Sometimes it was really great and won me games, but sometimes it gave opponents answers to beat me because of the card draw. I think Mukla is much better than these swords and even he does not see much play. Could have more use if more cards come out that will be able to help »milling« opponents cards or with Wailing soul. Also not the best pick for arena since mage just trades a 3/2 creature + hero power to draw a card and gain an advantage.

Constructed: 4/10   Arena: 4/10

DAGGER: This card can work in really aggressive/tempo decks like backspace Rogue where you don't care about giving your opponent the advantages and can also fit in an aggressive Paladin deck combined with Divine Favor. Dancing Swords drawback is actually good for “mill” type of decks, but there is still some cards missing to make mill decks good enough for competitive play. With coming of Undertaker and more Deathrattle synergy maybe this card will see more play. I don’t like this card for arena, where card advantage is really important factor.

Constructed: 5/10   Arena: 3/10

Average rating: Constructed: 4,5/10 Arena: 3,5/10


MLASIC: This is by far the best card of the quarter. Faerie dragon can sometimes be really hard to remove and the same more than applies to it's big brother. It's really great against miracle since they need to get rid of it the hard way – no sap or backstab eviscerate shenanigans. I've seen it mostly played in druids this week as other classes still preferred Sludge Belcher as a 5 drop. This card is another blow to Priest as the cannot get rid of it easily and play it as they cannot heal it with the hero power. Can just win you games if you are a little bit ahead on board and drop this guy. Also a great card in arena.

Constructed: 7/10   Arena: 8/10

DAGGER: For me this is one of the better cards being released with the Cruse of Naxxramas. It has same stats like Spiteful Smith, but its ability is really good versus spell heavy decks. It is very good against Miracle Rogue, especially if you can land a taunt on it, with the help of Sunfury Protector or Defender of Argus, it is not that great against minion heavy decks like Zoo. For arena I think this card is decent, there is tons of mages around and they can’t just simply remove it with Fireball, otherwise it is not so special.

Constructed: 7/10   Arena: 7/10

Average rating: Constructed: 7/10 Arena: 7,5/10


MLASIC: I tested this card the most of this quarter's card and it's really much worse than I expected it to be. It's a bit better in arena (especially if you can play it early as it could trade for 3 minions) and even there it happened to me that my opponent got a Ragnaros out from it. I think it does quite well against miracle rogue since they must waste quite a lot of resources to get rid of it and the only really bad thing is if they get a Gadgetzan on the board with full mana. It can help you stop ZOO if you are not too far behind on the board. And in all matchups this card is unplayable if you are a behind on the board, since it will put you even more behind. Some priests were also playing it since they can heal it up and draw cards with the Cleric and it's not bad if you have a Shadow word: death in hand to deal if something big hit's the board. Even the harvest golem can almost trade for it and most classes can deal with it pretty easily, especially if you cannot play it on turn 2/3. It might see more play with Wailing soul.

Constructed: 4/10   Arena: 4/10

DAGGER: I don’t really like this card, with new Naxxramas cards, the meta is at this moment shifting into more midrange/control types of decks. Deathlord has an insanely risky drawback, however it can work in a matchup where you know what your opponent is playing. It is for sure a good card against Zoo.

Constructed: 4/10 Arena: 4/10

Average rating: Constructed: 4/10 Arena: 4/10


MLASIC: This card can only be playable in specially designed deathrattle decks, because it's really weak on it's own. Has more or less only been played in Shaman for crazy Ancestral spirit + reincarnate combos to put out 5x Ragnaros or 5x Leeroy in one turn, but the deck is more fun than competitive, because it is really inconsistent. Not really playable in arena unless you draw a decent amount of deathrattle minions.

Constructed: 4/10   Arena: 4/10              

DAGGER: Baron Rivendare has really poor stats, kind of like Mogu’shan Warden without taunt. It has an interesting ability that can be used in certain types of decks. Currently it has seen some use in specially build Shaman decks where it can synergize with Reincarnate. We are about to see, if it will work in “Undertaker” types of decks.

Constructed:  4/10   Arena: 4/10

Average rating: Constructed: 4/10 Arena: 4/10


MLASIC: One of the best class card of the Naxxramas set, but it has not seen much success in competitive play. It has great sinergy with Baron Rivendare and cards like Nerubian egg, Cairne, Sylvanas, Leeroy, Ancestral healing, but these combos are hard too pull off for now to be much more than a fun deck to play. It can also be used to un-silence your minions. Can be good in arena to at least »heal« some of the strong minions.

Constructed: 4/10   Arena: 4/10

DAGGER: Reincarnate is one of those crazy combo cards that can work in a specially build deck. It can do some pretty nice stuff combined with Baron Rivendare and other Deathrattle minions like Cairne, Sylvanas Windrunner and Nerubian Egg. It can also work as an offensive tool to remove buffs from a minion (if it was buffed from another source, like for example Mark of the Wild) or you can use it on a minion with Charge to attack again. It is too much of a combo card to fit in arena decks.

Constructed: 4/10   Arena: 2/10

Average rating: Constructed: 4/10 Arena: 3/10


MLASIC: 3/4 for 4 mana are not really great stats but you have the potential to summon another minion for that 4 mana cost. People tried playing demon decks, but they didn't work out that well, because if you did not draw into voidcaller or if he was silenced you had to play the demons normally with their negative side effects. Realz played a deck in VGVN invitational with voidcallers but the deck was constructed so that it could win without drawing into the voidcallers. This card might become better in the future if we get more strong demons. Only pick in arena if you have some strong demons in your deck.

Constructed: 4/10   Arena: 4/10

DAGGER: This card doesn’t look that good on the first sight. The cost of 4 mana for a 3/4 is just not good comparing to Chillwind Yeti or Violet Teacher, its ability however is quite interesting but we will get to that later. Voidcaller is too expansive for Zoo and doesn’t fit in Handlock but could fit in a midrange deck. Warlock didn’t have good midrange decks before Naxxramas, but with new cards that synergize with Void Terror and with tons of board clears, Warlock can now have good early, mid and late game. This is where Voidcaller finds its place, its ability can get crazy, when you get a Doomguard without its drawback on turn 5, you can even get a 3/15 Lord Jaraxxus. The midrange deck already worked before Voidcaller was released, but it’s a nice addition to add more pressure and tempo to the deck.

Constructed: 4/10   Arena: 2/10

Average rating: Constructed: 4/10 Arena: 3/10